• Horstmann Insurance Agency prides itself on being able to tailor insurance policies to the needs of our clients. Tailoring your policy helps ensure that you have the best insurance coverage possible. To guarantee that you receive the necessary coverage that you are looking for, we must first hear your needs. The first step is always getting to know a little about you, your lifestyle, and the certain protections you need. The benefits of working with Horstmann Insurance Agency is that our agents have experience and can align you with an ideal policy at an affordable price! When we create your policy, we adamantly go over all the pertinent information – leaving you with a good idea of what is covered and what isn’t, in case you want to seek out more coverage.

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  • Think of owning insurance like owning a gun – you bought it, you’re probably relieved you have it, but ultimately, you pray you never need to use it. The situation after a car accident, damage to your car, medical bills, or personal injury lawsuits tend to be overwhelming enough. Insurance helps alleviate some of that. Horstmann Insurance Agency has a team of agents that are committed to informing each of our clients about their coverage and where they are protected (and not protected). One of the best things to do as a client is to familiarize yourself with the process of filing an insurance claim:

  • Preliminary Steps in the Insurance Claim Process

  • The first thing any new policyholder should do is familiarize themselves with their insurance policy. Reviewing your policy helps you understand your rights and your responsibilities, including:

    • If your insurance policy covers the situation
    • Abide by specific timelines for filing a claim
    • Whether you have an umbrella policy for extra coverage
    • If you have a deductible that is more expensive than the claim itself, you may want to consider if filing a claim is worth it
  • Contacting Your Insurance Company

  • After examining your insurance policy, contact your insurance company as soon as possible, we inform you of the next steps, any forms needed and information you need to submit. For your benefit, take detailed notes of all encounters you have with your insurance company and keep a record of all your expenses as a result of pursuing your insurance claim (medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, etc.).

    Insurance fraud is a severe offense; therefore, make sure that you are honest with your agent about your injuries, property damage suffered due to the incident, and other pertinent information. Committing insurance fraud can invalidate your policy and have criminal consequences.

  • The Insurance Claim Process for Particular Types of Insurance

  • Accidents and Injuries

    If you are filing an accident-related claim for auto, home, or liability coverage, it usually allows for a shorter period to file your claim. Take pictures of the accident and get the contact information of any potential witnesses to the accident. In addition to filing a claim with your insurance carrier, if the accident was the fault of someone else, consider submitting a third-party claim with their insurance company.

  • If you have a property damage claim, you may want to hire a public insurance adjuster to ensure you receive an accurate estimate of damages. If you have injuries as a result of the accident, you may have to submit to a medical examination by an independent doctor. Don’t feel obligated to accept a settlement offer; if it doesn’t seem like fair compensation – consult an insurance attorney.

  • Health Insurance Claims

    When it comes to health insurance claims, typically, your health care provider will submit your claim directly to your health insurance company. If you must file a claim yourself, contact your insurance carrier for the necessary forms and send them along with a record of your bill from your health care provider.

  • Life Insurance Claims

    In order to file a life insurance claim, you must submit certified copies of the insured’s death certificate and other forms that your insurance company requires. Typically, states are required to pay insurance benefits within a certain period of 30 to 60 days.

  • Insurance Company Obligations During the Insurance Claim Process

    • Provide prompt, honest and transparent communication with our client about their claim
    • Defend our client in a liability action if their claim is covered
    • Accepting, investigating or denying an insurance claim within a reasonable amount of time
    • Provide a comprehensive report for reasons of denying claims
    • Promising prompt, fair and equitable settlements of all claims filed
  • Dealing with an Insurance Claim Denial

  • In the case of your insurance claim is denied, you can always appeal the decision with your insurance company. Review your policy and contact your insurance carrier to understand what the necessary steps are going forward. It doesn’t matter if it’s the denial of a health insurance claim or a car insurance claim, having a better understanding of why your claim was denied allows you to provide additional information to change that decision. An attorney can assist with the process, and if your appeal fails, consider filing a lawsuit.

  • Protect Your Rights Throughout the Insurance Claim Process

  • Having insurance coverage protects you from accidents, medical bills, potential loss of wages, property damage, etc. or at least, that is what it is supposed to do. Filing a claim is an overwhelming process and ensuring that all the necessary information is given is the best way to ensure a positive resolution. Whether your claim is denied, you are having trouble with an uncooperative insurance company, or you want a second opinion on your claim, contact a local insurance attorney who seeks to protect your rights under the insurance laws of Illinois.

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