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  • Protect Yourself and Your Assets with Affordable Insurance Coverage in New Baden IL

  • Auto Insurance

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    Protect your car, truck, or SUV with quality and affordable auto insurance coverage that best suits your needs. Liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage... 

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  • Homeowners Insurance

    homeowners insurance new baden il

    For most people, purchasing a home is their greatest investment - so ensure it's protected with a homeowner's insurance policy that is just right. Dwelling protection, liability protection... 

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  • Life Insurance

    life insurance new baden illinois

    Take a proactive approach in ensuring that your family and loved ones are looked after in the case of an untimely death. We offer term life insurance, universal life insurance...

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  • Farm Insurance

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    Crazy things can happen on the farm. Help protect your investment and your livelihood with farm insurance. That way, in the event that an accident does happen - you are protected! 

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  • Our Services

  • Workers’ Compensation

    workers'compensation new baden illinois

    As a business owner, it's your obligation to ensure your employees are protected under workers' compensation coverage. Learn more about how we can protect your employees when work-related injuries occur.

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  • Business/Commercial Insurance

    business insurance new baden il

    Fire damage, flooding, property damage, theft. There are a number of things that could go wrong - commercial insurance coverage protects you and your business when things do! 

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  • Financial Services

    financial services new baden illinois

    We have a financial team that specializes in ways to maximize your savings! We offer financial plans and services that better prepare you for a more comfortable and relaxing retirement. 

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  • Whether you just purchased a brand-new speedboat for holiday getaways at the lake, just bought a new mini-van for the family, or even became a new homeowner – insurance is the best way to ensure your investment stays protected. The right insurance policy means that your assets have a safety net, readily protected in the case of accidents and unforeseen circumstances. That could result in the form of flood protection for your homeowner’s insurance coverage or collision and liability coverage for your vehicle. Regardless of the coverage, your local insurance agents at Horstmann Insurance Agency pride themselves on being able to offer affordable insurance premiums with several different coverage options, customizing your package for coverage that best protects you and your needs. The primary role of insurance is to protect individuals and organizations for covered loses – a risk management tool. Individuals and businesses are protected from losses, cash flow uncertainty, and regulations that demand minimal coverage for certain assets.

    The only thing better than the protection that an insurance policy offers you is ensuring that it is the right protection. That is why discussing your policy options with an experienced insurance agent is always beneficial. Our goal at Horstmann Insurance Agency is predicated upon that – aligning our clients with unique coverage that offers the best protection, depending on your needs.

  • Insurance Coverage Tailored for Your Needs in New Baden and Breese Illinois

    Insurance coverage is unique to the individual, giving the policyholder the ability to customize their protection to what best suits their needs. Whether you need full-coverage, flood insurance, farm insurance, or other insurance, Horstmann Insurance Agency has policy options for you! Various coverage options from several different insurance carriers, our goal is to find the perfect pairing of insurance coverage and price for every client, client’s family, and client’s assets. The first step in asset protection – contact Horstmann Insurance Agency.

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